Aerospace Focused
RFQ2GO products and services are strictly designed for the aerospace industry

24/7 Support
Our team is available to answer all your questions and concerns with regards to our software and services

Secure Server
RFQ2GO cloud based servers are protected to ensure all engineering data is secure and not compromised

Full Configuration
RFQ2GO products are fully configurable to all company processes and requirements.

Our Story

The vision for RFQ2GO was born because global aerospace procurement departments and their supporting suppliers are under cost pressures to locate savings within the supply chain on structural components. Since inception our revolutionary software and supporting services have eliminated costs to ensure the global aerospace industry stays competitive. CPQ Aero software when used by both the customer and supplier ensures that both sides have the capability to quickly and accurately negotiate new or existing contracts. Please contact our sales department to learn more about RFQ2GO and how we can make your procurement and estimation departments within your organization more efficient.